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Daytona Beach, Florida - 2005 National Reptile Breeder's Expo

Our second year as vendors at the Daytona, Florida National Reptile Breeder's Expo proved to be more fun WITHOUT a Hurricane! We really enjoyed not having to wait three hours just to get a decent meal and the weather was just perfect. We had a great time catching up with old friends and meeting lots of new people too! Below are some photos of the Expo although we didn't get a chance to take as many pictures as we wanted!

Daytona Beach, Florida

Here are a few beach photos and some pictures of the Ocean Center on Friday...it looks so empty!

Our Table

This is us! Here is our display at the Expo. We were lucky enough to get two tables this year - Thanks Wayne! We also picked up a bunch of new animals at the show.

Pewter Ball Python - We got this gorgeous pair from Mark Mandic of Markus Jayne Reptiles.

Woma Ball Python - NERD was kind enough to part with this guy - thanks Kevin and Kara!

Lesser Platinum(?) Ball Python - This guy is really cool...but we're not exactly sure what he is...

Leopard Boa - We weren't planning on getting these guys but sometimes it just works out that way! We ended up with 1.1 Leopards and 0.1 Het. Leopard. Thanks Hans and Felicitas!

100% Het. Blood Boa - We weren't able to get a Blood Boa but we did pick up a trio of 100% Hets. from Burke Reptiles - thanks guys!

Kahl Sunglow Boa - And last but not least is my personal favorite - our new Kahl Sunglow Boa. This guy has some KILLER coloration and it took a lot of convincing to get BHB to let this one go - thanks a TON Brian and Lori!!

B.H.B. Enterprises

BHB had a TON of amazing animals with them again this year. It is really a treat to visit their tables every year...if you can sqeeze through the crowds! Brian and Lori had a ton of awesome new Ball Python morphs as well as a cool lizard named Spike and a strange little Hognose.

Albino Clown Ball Python

Pinstripe Super Chocolate Ball Python a.k.a. Camo (as in Camouflage) Ball Python and Pinstripe Chocolate Ball Python

Sunset Ball Python

Yellow Belly Fire Ball Python and Spider Ball Python

Clown Ball Python

Ivory Ball Python and Blue-Eyed Leucistic Ball Python

Pastel Clown Ball Python

Pastel Yellow Belly Ball Python

Spinner Ball Python

Ball Python x Black Blood Python

Albino Savannah Monitor a.k.a. Spike

Pastel Pink Hognose - This guy has two noses, two tongues, two eyes, but only one mouth.

Herp Hobby Shop

This was the first time I saw the Aztec Boas in person and I love how variable they are in both pattern and coloration. The adults are insane looking and have awesome red and pink all over. I can't wait to see where this morph goes in the next few years - Hypo Aztecs, Albino Aztecs, and Sunglow Aztecs just to name a few!

Burke Reptiles

The Burkes had some killer looking Boas on display once again! The coloration on some of these guys is insane and I loved seeing how much the Lipstick Sunglow had changed in just one year. It was great to see Tom and Amanda again and it was very nice to meet Thomas too!

Ghost Nicaraguan Boa and Anerythristic Type II Nicaraguan Boa

Sunglow Boa

Hypomelanistic Arabesque Boa

Blood Boa

The Chondro Coalition

If you like Chondros, you definitely couldn't miss checking out the Chondro Coalition. They had some truly amazing looking Chondros. My favorites are the crazy colored ones that have blue and green and red and orange and yellow and black all on one snake!

Exotic Ball Pythons

Bryan Kollwitz had some very nice looking animals on display at the show. I love that crazy looking banner!

Graziani Reptiles

Greg and Jackie produce some of the nicest quality Ball Pythons! The Bumblebee and Silver Bullets they had on display were absolutely stunning!

Bumblebee Ball Python and Silver Bullet Ball Python

Blue-Eyed Leucistic Ball Python

Hans Winner

If you're looking for Leopard Boas...these are the people to see! Hans and Felicitas had some gorgeous Leopard Boas on their table and they are some of the nicest people too! I was glad to finally officially meet them!

John Berry Reptiles

It was a pleasure meeting John. He had some awesome animals at his table including some Jungle Boas and Albino Jungle Boas produced by Rick Stanulis and a cool Silver Bullet produced by Ian Gniazdowski.

Jungle Colombian Boa and Albino Jungle Colombian Boa

Pewter Ball Python, Black Pastel Ball Python and Silver Bullet Ball Python

John Piro Reptiles

It's always nice to see old friends and it was certainly nice to see John again! He had his twins on display as well as a couple of hot looking Lavender Albino Ball Pythons!

Lavender Albino Ball Python

Twin Piebald Ball Python

Lesser Platinum Ball Python


NERD had a great display as well showing off lots of cool new snakes with everything from Ball Python morphs to Retic morphs, Carpondros, T+ Albino Colombian Boas, and MORE. I think that Honeybee is my FAVORITE though!

T+ Albino Colombian Boa

Bumblebee Ball Python, Killerbee Ball Python, and Honeybee Ball Python

Lesser Platinum Woma Ball Python

Peter Kahl Reptiles

Super Jungle Boas are just TOO cool! Pete brought a couple of awesome Super Jungle Colombian Boas as well as a ton of other killer looking animals. The red eyes that those Super Jungles have is absolutely stunning!

Super Jungle Colombian Boa


It was a pleasure being able to finally meet Rich and John. There were also some great animals on display from the Sabogae Boas to a ton of K grade Salmons!

Silverback Serpents

It's not every day you get to see a Sunglow Jungle! Frank had this gem on display at his table. Check out that killer stripe. I can't wait to see how this little one changes as it grows!

Sunglow Jungle Colombian Boa

The Snake Keeper

Dan and Colette had a great setup. I really like their banner display and the fly swatters they had!

Paradox Hypo Super Mojave Ball Python

WHEW! That was a LOT of photos! Well, that's another Expo, come and gone! We had a blast but it sure is nice to be home. Can't wait to do it all again next year! SEE YOU ALL IN DAYTONA 2006!!