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Wow… a month since my last post??

By Sean : EbN | May 21, 2008

Sorry about that everyone. We actually took a vacation! Yeah, a REAL vacation not just a reptile show/business trip! Celia and I spent nearly a week in the mountains of North Carolina and then spent a day in Atlanta, Georgia. Why just one day?? Well ever since they opened that huge public aquarium in downtown Atlanta, I have been looking for an excuse to go there. The Georgia Aquarium is one of the largest and newest aquariums in the world. They have successfully kept 4 Whale Sharks in their 6.3 million gallon ocean exhibit. There is a viewing glass that is over 60 feet long and over 20 feet tall that lets you realize just how large those sharks are and how amazing the sea can be. Definitely a recommended trek if you are in the greater Atlanta area, even if its just for about 3-4 hours to enjoy this institution. To find out what ELSE we did while we were on vacation… I must direct you to Celia’s Blog that can be found at

See most people in this business don’t know that I actually got my start in the pet trade by working with marine fish and invertebrates. That was my real passion before I caught the reptile bug. That is also something that I long to do again, work with my finned friends again. Reptiles are great as are most of the people involved in the conservation, reproduction and commercial sides of this hobby/business but as with any job this becomes somewhat mundane. I think I would like to open up a new retail outlet in the future that caters not only to the reptile and amphibian hobbyists but also the OTHER SCALY wonders of the world. Celia and I have talked and argued about this many times and maybe some day I will be motivated enough to do something about it. Until then I still have my other hobbies and also understand the point of a very well deserved VACATION!

Ok… since I last wrote on here we have gotten to Ball Python clutch #60 and hatched the first 5 or so clutches. Again, you can find our list at the top of this page and if you have any interest or questions regarding this or anything else on the website, please feel free to call or e-mail us anytime!

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